36 Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration for Long Hair

Are you in the midst of planning for your wedding day? Looking for romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair that you can take inspiration from? Well, firstly, we’d like to say congratulations if you’re getting married. That’s super exciting! Secondly, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found you some proper little beauties.

Sometimes the simplest of hairstyles are often the ones that pack the most impact, and that’s definitely the case with this stunning messy to the side hairstyle. If you’re looking for a relaxed, yet romantic and elegant way to wear your hair for your big day, this might just be spot on.

Wearing your hair to the side on your wedding day helps to show off any beautiful features you may have on the back of your dress. It also helps when you’re not wearing a veil too. It’s an old Irish tradition to wear flowers in the bride’s hair rather than a veil. Aside from looking beautiful, it’s a great way to bring costs down, and also helps to bring a really romantic feel to the whole occasion.

A small flower on sprigs, they are perfect for use when you’re wedding planning. They’re also easily woven into your romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair. If you’re looking for a style that is as beautiful as it is simple (and that’s very!), this half up, half down style is definitely for you. You get the benefit of being able to show off your beautiful long locks, while at the same time having an intricate and elegant hairstyle that sets the perfect backdrop for that flower accessorising.

There are so many different ways you could customise your hair, taking this one as inspiration. You could think of French braiding, reverse French braiding, lace braids, fishtail braids, in fact, any kind of braid that you like. The possibilities really are endless. The neckline of your dress is really important when it comes to picking romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Firstly, if your hair sits around the neckline, you may find that it irritates you, and as you scratch it, you might leave red marks which will clearly show up in photos. When it comes to asking for what you want, it’s often better to visit your hair stylist armed with a wad of photos, rather than using words such as “bun”, “romantic”, or “waves”. One woman’s “waves” could be another woman’s “curly locks”, and the last thing you’re going to want is any misinterpretation.

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