35 Spring Outfits Chic for Denim Shirts

Denim is a material that acts as the foundation for wearing. Whether it be the iconic, all-American Levi jean or the verdant woodlander in his denim jacket, denim is a perennial material that has surfaced as by far, one of the most impacting materials in men’s fashion. Its practical advantages ad a rugged material capable of surviving the toughest of conditions, but also it’s aesthetic that can make for an edgy accent.

Denim is an extremely casual fabric option, meaning that a shirt made of denim can be worn in a friendlier fashion. The uninhibited semblance of the denim shirt makes it designed for holiday wear, when that slender breeze blows across the parched beaches, a denim shirt and chino short combo, worn with Converse, sandals or Havaianas, will always work. A denim shirt is a go-to piece for every-day Spring/Summer wear.

The denim shirt is a highly versatile garment, it can be translated into a myriad of styles and comforts. Fabrics’ designs and intentions have loosened, with denim now being a common part of both casual and formal wear. With the many types of denim shirts too – the heavy-weight, western or the tailored variety – it has evolved into a menswear essential.

This is the most basic way to wear a denim shirt, relying on the sleek simplicity of denim as a substitute for a flannel shirt. The off-duty look can easily be worn throughout the year, as an extra layer during the cooler summer months, or an added fabric layer during winter. It’s an all-year masculine look Worn with a basic t-shirt, or even one with Breton striped to play on the coming nautical trend, making sure the denim shirt is a lighter shade than the jeans is paramount.

Darker denim on the bottom and lighter denim on top is an effortless way to wear double denim. With the increasing array of fashionable attire readily available, that denim would ruse the sartorial ranks. Primarily though the revival of the denim shirt.

I’ve picked up the most adorable Denim Shirt for the new season, and love how versatile it is for my everyday mom wardrobe. Check out these Ways to Style a Denim Shirt for Spring plus be sure to scroll down for a giveaway! Denim Shirt for Spring! I received complimentary product from Orvis for this review. All opinions are my ownWays to style a denim shirt for spring.

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